Georgius Zrunek: Biography

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Georgius Zrunek was born on 19 March 1736 in Vnorovy close to Strážnice, where his father worked as a teacher. Originally christened Jozef, he joined the Franciscan Order in Uherské Hradište at the age of 18 and adopted the name of Georgius.

For the next few years, he completed his noviciate and studied philosophy and theology. Then in 1760, after ordination to priesthood, he was sent to assist the monastery in Kremnica, where they needed an organist and a teacher of novice singers. Here he first met Fr. Edmund Pascha, the preacher, and in 1761 they were both transferred to a monastery in Žilina.

During his career, Zrunek worked as a preacher, organist, and teacher of singing and organ playing in many cloisters throughout the province. Meanwhile he also composed numerous works, though mostly anonymously, as was tradition in the Franciscan order. In 1788 he was appointed a guardian of the cloister in Nižná Šebastová but did not last in the position for very long. He got an infectious disease, on 2 March 1789 was removed from the position and on 3 June 1789 died.


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