Georgius Zrunek

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These are the known works by Georgius Zrunek:

Note that attribution is sometimes difficult since it was tradition in the Franciscan Order to publish all works anonymously.

Brief Biography

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Georgius Zrunek was born on 19 March 1736 in Vnorovy close to Strážnice. Originally christened Jozef, he joined the Franciscan Order in Uherské Hradište at the age of 18 and adopted the name of Georgius. For the next few years, he completed his noviciate and studied philosophy and theology.

During his career, Zrunek worked as a preacher, organist, and teacher of singing and organ playing in many cloisters throughout the province. Meanwhile he also composed numerous works, though mostly anonymously, as was tradition in the Franciscan order. He died on 3 June 1789.